World Of Warcraft 60 Days Prepaid Card EU

World Of Warcraft 60 Days Prepaid Card EU
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World  of Warcraft 60 Day Prepaid Card EUROPE
This code will credit your World of Warcraft account with 60 days of additional game play.This code works on all European WoW accounts.
Continue your adventures in Azeroth with the most popular online RPG of all time. Extend your time, beef up your character and carry on with your missions; you'll instantly be granted 60 days game time in this land of myth, magic and limitless fun.
  • Once you have completed checkout, your code will be instantly emailed to your e-mail address.

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Ravetgn, 28/08/2019
Awesome, I made a mistake with my order and got nervous. I emailed Support and within 10 minutes they solved it. You gentlement just got yourselves a new customer. Thanks.
Vonuxkul, 04/01/2018
Reliable, Fast,
Secure and Cheap.
What else could we
ask for? Thank you
for existing.
PanzerGR, 11/09/2015
Excellnt service! Ordered in 5:16PM and received code in 5:22PM.
Alreaded recommended it to some friends!
[email protected], 20/06/2015
Paid through paypal and received code in 15 minutes!
tars, 28/02/2015
génial ok on stress mais serieu génial 5-7 min de délais et hop le number
[email protected], 10/02/2015
Really fast!! thanks i will return soon!
kiminos, 07/11/2014
Amazing job again guys! Got my order in less than a minute.
panzerwaffe, 23/10/2014
great price and 15 minutes delivery :) definitely will shop again
nike, 13/09/2014
Purchased, 3min later email with the code!
Perfect service!
dream21, 03/09/2014
Great service. Easy & Fast delivery
bading, 24/03/2014
VampiricPadraig, 24/02/2014
As always, impeccable service even after being with them for a couple of years. Always will buy WoW time from CardsCodes. Thank
you for a amazing service!
Calisto, 04/02/2014
Used this website for the first time and I have absolutely no
The service was quick and genuine. Will be using again
and I would highly recommend it.
Drejz, 30/01/2014
After payment, received my Card Code in my e-mail in about 15 min, great
service, keep up the good work :)
denizmaradona, 27/01/2014
Thank you for fast delivery. Trusted seller.
RayJC, 26/01/2014
Used this website for the first time and I have absolutely no
regrets, the service was quick and genuine. Will be using again
and I would highly recommend it.
Waterdark, 02/01/2014
my third purchase on the site, prepaid code was delivered in less than 5 minutes
after paying with Paypal. Recommended!
TEPAI, 18/12/2013
Recived it in less than 5 min. Very good store, recommended ;)
Leriot, 01/12/2013
Was pretty good
ron, 22/11/2013
received code after 20 minutes, will buy again :)
Nightstomb, 17/11/2013
SWEET!!!!! got it id say within 4 mins max after paypal purchase - just kept hitting refresh on my email and it popped ^_^
and hi from ireland
knightofgemini, 11/11/2013
Hi there from Italy! This is a great site, I''''ve ordered a
prepaid card code and in 15 minutes they sended to me!
Citizen Mo, 23/10/2013
Superb service! Super fast!! Codes work as advertised!! Received code 17
minutes after submitting payment! Will gladly do business again!
shadowflash-rzr, 17/10/2013
Thank you! Very quick, safe and easy to use!! You guys are
kris, 04/10/2013
Awesome service! After 10min i got the code and started playing! Best and by
far the cheapest site for WoW prepaid cards!
pesho, 04/10/2013
Superb service! Recommended!
Kelldhar, 26/09/2013
Duuude, works really safe. 5-30 mins after payment u get the 60 days code! Insanely cheap and good!
Zaracer, 28/08/2013
Thank you,just got my WoW 60 days key in about 5 minutes.
R0peE, 27/08/2013
superb. dirt cheap. fast response
PN, 07/08/2013
Great !
reking, 08/07/2013
Paid for the item, and about 30 minutes later I have it (this was
on a Sunday evening in cardscodes.coms local time )
CitizenMo, 25/06/2013
Superior service! Code received 5 minutes after payment!!
kiminos, 22/06/2013
That was amazing! Got my codes in like 15 seconds after I paid!
Thanks guys!
Geryha, 30/05/2013
At first i was really insecure about buying from this
website. But now that i bought a 60 day card i honestly am
suprised it worked :) Thanks for not scamming me!
Coyote, 30/05/2013
Excellent, super fast service! Code received 30 minutes after payment and
worked as promised!
Manuele, 30/01/2013
Hi from italy! All goes fine!! nice job man!
RazzyBoyRo, 10/01/2013
I got my code as promised and more importantly it worked
:3...excelent service
Mady, 26/12/2012
30min and im in game, perfect
IIX, 11/12/2012
Tank you verry much! Great service, Always helping you out if you have a
Conor, 25/11/2012
Thanks so much! Delivery took about 30 mins! Code worked! Thanks again
asdasd, 10/08/2012
very good got my card quick
mad max, 23/07/2012
fast, safe, thanks!
zelda, 03/07/2012
Awsome delivery time!
vuryss, 25/04/2012
Code delivered and works as intended. Just a little delay (delivered 45 minutes after purchase), but still great.
thcb, 16/10/2011
15min delivery, best price I''ve found !
p0lar, 30/04/2011
Thanks for fast delivery. Спасибо :)
xikininho, 04/04/2011
Hello! I am very please to see that there is a site which
actually WORKS!! Keep up the good work guys! You''ve earned
my trust. Buying my WoW 60 day card here from now on!
Tocacz, 04/04/2011
I am buying my codes everytime at this place, because its very fast and reliable!! I´ve just bought more then 4 cdkeys here,
everytime i was satisfied. THX
ishkira, 23/11/2010
Always 5 star service, a great website. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!
froid99, 10/03/2010
Instant email reception, but scan of card coul be a litle more perceptive. Nice site.
Shamun, 10/03/2010
Very fast delivery!
slr555, 22/02/2010
Mega fast service less than 5mins after paying i got my code!
b52, 10/02/2010
15 mins back online superb service
xxing, 09/02/2010
I highly recommend to anyone who wants to use this service. Delivery was fast and the service was great.

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