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mohi******, 12/08/2016
Absolutely Legit, bought it for my friend in Germany, sent to my
email address, and i live in the UK, and i sent them the pic with the
code and it worked for them :) will recommend for gifting to people!
clemyeats, 09/08/2016
Many thanks. Got my codes in a few minutes, refilled my
wallet :)
Geiu, 05/08/2016
Got the code within 20min and I am very happy. This site is legit, I
highly recommend it :)
alex26gc, 05/08/2016
I had doubts on the delivery method, quickly received an answer
and my order was placed, confirm and received in less than 2
LukeCulleno, 04/08/2016
Amazing takes no time at all and is legit
Amakusa, 02/08/2016
Ordered from Germany, paid with PayPal and received the code
within 2 minutes. Congrats, Cardscodes-Team, you just secured
future purchases from me! :)
dkyee, 27/07/2016
awsome as always!
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Steam $20 Wallet USA/WORLDWIDE

Steam $20 Wallet USA/WORLDWIDE
Product code:
in stock::
in stock

Price: € 21.99
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Steam $20 Wallet Code WORLDWIDE

With this code, you can add $20.00 to your Steam Wallet! Use this money to buy games, DLC, and so much more!
Over 1,100 games are available to purchase, download, and play from any computer. Check out the new releases, indie hits, casual favorites and everything in between.
Steam has so much to offer not only from its wide variety of popular games for sale, but with its weekend and special deals. Steam makes gaming affordable and fun.

Usage Instructions
  • Once you have completed checkout, your code will be instantly emailed to your paypal email address

Opinions about the product

jp189512, 04/06/2014
quick delivery and was very satisfied with how easy and fast it was! would
definitely shop here again!
sheepywolf, 19/12/2013
Received my code in about 30-minutes, vouch great legit service.
mereshak, 17/06/2013
Awesome site, really cheap and fast delivery! This site is number 1 for me.
Mengid, 08/03/2013
Perfect delivery, perfect price and thanks for quality!

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