PlayStation Network Live Card £35 UK

PlayStation Network Live Card £35 UK
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Price: € 49.99
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PlayStation Network Live Card £35 UK  
Easily add funds to your PlayStation Network wallet without the need for a credit card.  PlayStation Network Cards are a great way to add credit easily to your PlayStation Network wallet. Simply purchase a PlayStation Network Card, enter the 12 digit code and start treating yourself to some great downloadable content.

With all of the great content available, PlayStation Network cards make a great gift for family or friends.
  • This code can only be redeemed on PSN accounts registered to an UK address
  • Gives you £35.00 to spend in the PlayStation Store
  • Top up your PSN wallet to buy great new games and content for PS4,PS5 and PS Vita
  • Once you have completed checkout, your code will be instantly emailed to your e-mail address.

Opinions about the product

fatal1284, 03/04/2021
my feedback is not only about this product. I bought so much different stuff over the years, never had one single issue. Never once
codes were wrong, never once codes were late!! You guys are probably the best around, 5 star service!! Great job, keep it up...its a
real pleasure
[email protected], 13/12/2018
Tas bija ļoti ātri,nepagāja minūte un monētas bij klāt. Tādi jūs man patīkat.
jansonsjj, 16/11/2018
Great contact with seller. 5 STARS
nonick, 02/11/2018
Made 3 orders in year. Every time code came in 5 min. Recommending.
cardspsnfr75, 05/10/2018
Perfect as usual. A ++++++.....
Samuel L, 16/09/2018
Thanks, fast delivery
kastor1991, 10/09/2018
at first i was scared, but they are really reliable, i bought 150 GBP from them, and i'll always come back!
i'd reccomend this guy to any one!
ronaldo, 15/06/2018
thank you
Belol, 30/05/2018
Awesome thanks fast delivery than you i love this site...
bisher sabbagh, 24/02/2018
good site
bird18199, 06/02/2018
A little bit of a
hiccup, but you can
buy with confidence
as they do respond
to queries.
vergilmaycry329, 30/01/2018
nmokola, 30/12/2017
awesome-very fast,ty
[email protected], 27/12/2017
My first order and it won't be the last
Thank you very much for the fast delivery and easy service
Nokaut, 25/11/2017
Very fast, safe. I have already bought twice and I have not
had any problem.
DangerousBri, 11/11/2017
Great service and the best prices for foreign cards thst I have found. You can buy from this site with full confidence.
peracito, 25/10/2017
exmachina, 11/05/2017
I've now purchased 8 times over the last year and NEVER had an
issue. Great service,
Peter_99, 14/03/2017
Thanks for your speedy delivery!
onio, 19/12/2016
super fast delivery
LukeCulleno, 04/08/2016
Amazing takes no time at all and is legit
karasu-san, 30/03/2016
Thank you for the fast delivery.
karasu-san, 17/02/2016
Thank you for the fast service. It's really awesome!
Kawaiii, 08/11/2015
100% legit i bought alot of keys over the years and i was never disappointed
will keep buying from you for ever!!!
Treacle16, 08/08/2015
I love this SITE!! Within 15 minutes I had the email with the code. Entered onto my PS4 and Bob''s your teapot! Thankyou!
nisanick, 05/06/2015
Great service, delivery is fast, support helpful. 11/10 would use again
Karasu-san, 10/04/2015
Legit and fast delivery, thank you.
shailen3000, 23/09/2014
Excellent! Received my code successfully by mail. Highly
recommended! Thank you!
sanke, 08/04/2014
Good service, fast enough
Hila, 02/12/2013
It works! Highly recommended and a brilliant logistic
solution for gamers around the world.
themis79, 17/11/2013
really good service.30min and got the email..thanks:)))))
janisjurka, 29/08/2013
I got it! :) It was fast!
lakisha, 23/07/2013
got the code after 5min
brijendra, 16/06/2013
Content was delivered under 30 munites, payment was made via
They scratched the card exposing the code and I loaded them,
very genuine way
to complete the processm I highly recommend them and come
back to them when
I need to renew my PSN membership.
w0werine, 28/01/2013
First time buyer. I received the code within minutes - the best option for you people
with multiple accounts, or people who moved to another country while keeping their
Ringo, 18/12/2012
Thanks for service!!!
James, 28/09/2012
Very good and quick delivery
Jeffrey Curran, 21/09/2012
Cheap, fast, and cards worked very nice.
MrGad3tguy , 07/09/2012
Great. This is my first purchase from this site..I was afraid first
to buy but after reviewing and searching on google I have found
that seller is genuine. I have received in 20mins code after I
have paid...

5 Star
er45tr, 19/08/2012
just awesome :0
onaterkl, 10/08/2012
very fast delivery thanks
Tefal, 08/08/2012
its my second time to orderPSN code from these guys, and again everything
went smooth. Well done
Peter1120, 18/07/2012
Absolutly Fab thanks :). im recomending this to every one
angelikabez, 14/03/2012
Really great way of shopping for my cards from service to
delivery its all great. Only verification process sometimes
takes more than expected but othervise, great product and
Termelo, 31/12/2011
Excellent! Got the code in 15 mins. Works well!
randi, 15/11/2011
super instant thnx for the great service
kittenfiddler, 13/11/2011
Good Seller, codes emailed to me with 20 min, and now a ps 3
+ member. Recomended if you register your PSN Network in one
country and buy the amount in that PSN Registered Region,
works perfect, excellent seller, Deff buy off again. Well
done Cardscodes and thanks, buy again off you soon !!
(quick note, after you check spam also check your account,
payment may still be in the process of verification) deff a
ligit seller.
Gabriel.Ferrao, 01/11/2011
Very fast shipping, awesome seller
Randi, 22/10/2011
uberrr fast this time and thnx for the service
urdegon, 13/10/2011
Em menos que 15min, já havia recebido o e-mail com os scans
dos cards que comprei.
tetzman69, 23/06/2011
Very fast Response. The Price is Really A Deal
Craig, 02/06/2011
Got it within minutes and it worked without any problems!
RudiAk, 02/06/2011
lightning fast response! amazing
Sindweller, 11/04/2011
Excellent service. Prompt and honest. I will definitely be back.
Dany, 08/04/2011
I have used this site around 5 times now it just is so easy to
purchase vouchers. they deliver as stated.
Xzamanas, 25/02/2011
Just testing are feadbacks true
outerspwace, 17/08/2010
A fast and hassle free transaction, had the code within 10
minutes, thankyou.
troya34, 28/07/2010
After my unsuccessful attempts from other sellers, I found
myself just on the spot and get my code in just 5 min.

Thanks for service!

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