EVE 60 Days Time Card WORLDWIDE

EVE 60 Days Time Card WORLDWIDE
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EVE 60 Days Time Card WORLDWIDE
Eve time code Online is a bold sci-fi online role-playing game that challenges players to survive in a hostile universe of traders, pirates, corporations, and police. It's a gigantic game: the huge playable universe contains some 5,000 star systems to explore. Your options are almost unlimited. You can play a pirate, sticking to the fringes and raiding player-character ships, you can mine for a corporation or play a privateer and help guard against pirates, you can manufacture ammo, weapons, or equipment, you can be a trader, and more.
  • With this Eve code you can unlock your Eve Online account for 60 days.
  • Once you have completed checkout, your code will be instantly emailed to your paypal email address.

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cc_user, 08/04/2011
Had what I wanted and got it fast

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