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medictm, 20/01/2017
Thanks for two cards, little misunderstanding whit paypal,
but i got the money.. ;)
cfmendes, 16/01/2017
PSN Codes working well. Was fast! Thank You Guys!
Codigos enviados super rapido, este site precisava de ser
melhorado... Está um pouco rustico! Mas tudo correu bem!
plemoss, 13/01/2017
PSN codes working very well! Super fast delivery (about 10 minutes!). Códigos da PSN válidos, recebi depois de 10 minutos da
confirmação do pagamento. Recomendo a todos!
henzuz, 30/12/2016
Got 2 cards - took only 5 min. Greate work !
motorider, 22/12/2016
Thanks, purshased 6x codes and within few short minuts i got
it, you guys are the best and continue with good work. i wish
you all a good Christmas na Happy new year!
onio, 19/12/2016
super fast delivery
body767, 09/12/2016
very fast secure and easy, i got my card in 15 mins, thanks
for your online support
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Price: € 23.99
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This is a Prepaid Card Code that can be used to redeem and download the Minecraft game.The card can be credited towards a new or an existing Mojang account,and will entitle the cardholder to a premium Minecraft license.

Be part of the world where creation is taken to the next level, build anything your mind can imagine!   Players are able to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D generated world.   Exploring, gathering resources, crafting and combat are part of the activities that the award winning Minecraft includes in it's gameplay.   With different difficulty settings rest assured your normal gamer will never be bored.

  • Create an account at ,or if you have account just log in.
  • Choose "Redeem prepaid card" and enter card code on web site
  • Choose your Minecraft player name
  • Download the game
  • Start the game and enjoy Minecraft!
E-mail Delivery    
  • We will email you a high resolution scan of the back of the original card along with the code typed out in text so you can see what you’re getting.

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gigio, 11/05/2014

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