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cekyy, 26/06/2015
I paid it, and got an instant delivery! I''ve been buying a lot of codes from here,
best site I know for this! Thanks!
SONIC_FPS, 25/06/2015
Good service 100%
fco206, 22/06/2015
Excelente, compre desde Chile, me enviaron el código en 30 minutos a mi
correo, totalmente recomendado.
ill7ven, 22/06/2015
Fast, cheap and reliable! Great shop!, 20/06/2015
Paid through paypal and received code in 15 minutes!
ansala3, 17/06/2015
EXCELENTE SERVICIO: Soy de Costa Rica y doy fé que te envían los CODES por EMAIL.
Gracias por este servicio SERIO, SEGURO y EFICIENTE que ofrecen, se ganaron un cliente MÁS.

He hecho 2 pedidos y excelente.
silian, 14/06/2015
I accidentally bought a US card instead of a canadian card, but I contacted
them and they sorted it out fairly quickly, getting me the card I needed. Good
Customer Service.
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